Founded in 1999 and located in Taoyuan county Taiwan, GIANTEC have been the most experienced composite solution corporation. In order to meet the clients’ need in various markets, we provide not only know-how on composite field but also the best plastic manufacturing quality. Through our OEM experience with well-know automobile companies, such us Nissan Taiwan, Hyundai Taiwan, Toyota Taiwan, GIANTEC has grown, step by step, into a respected developer and manufacturer of plastic parts in automotive sector.

Over the last ten years, the company has developed from a plastic manufacturer of industrial plastic component into a plastic composite solution supplier.

Thanks to its passion, innovation and integrity, the GIANTEC has, over the years, successfully established itself as a reliable partner to automotive, truck, medical and shower industries. Today we will be consistently developing towards the higher realization of composite to fulfill customer’s requirement.

Year Company Registered 1999
Total Annual Sales Volumes USD2.5 Million
Area Measures 2400 m²
Main Scope of Business Developing, manufacturing Hot-compression Thermoplastic/Thermoset composite products.