Glassfiber Mat Thermoplastic is becoming the material of choice for many automotive applications. Compared to metal, GMTs have higher strength-to-weight ratios and impact resistance. GMTs offer greater design flexibility and better resistance to chemicals and corrosion. They are also electrically insulating and have relatively high stiffness and good dimensional stability. GMTs have shorter molding cycle times so it’s cost effective when in mass production. Except for traditional GMTs, through the use of different fiber weave reinforcement, such as Stitched Glass and Aramid fabric, Polyester fiber twisted weave or Hybrid weave PP and Glass(Twintex®), the performance of GMTs will be advanced to reach requirements.

玻璃纖維熱塑性複合材GMT已經應用在許多汽車零配件的製造上。  與金屬材料相比,GMT擁有更高的強度重量比和更佳的耐衝極強度。  GMT提供更高的設計自由度及更優異的抗化學藥劑及抗腐蝕性。  此複合材質更有著電絕緣性及相對高的剛性及尺寸穩定性。   由於GMT產品的生產循環時間短,在大量生產的產品上更有成本上的競爭力。  除了傳統的GMT,透過使用不同的纖維強化例如針織玻璃纖維, 芳綸纖維, 聚酯纖維或是複合PP加玻纖(Twintex®), GMT可以達到不同產品的特性要求。

In addition to Automotive structural exterior parts, GMTs are also widely applied to Automotive non-structural interior parts, Agricultural Machinery, Construction Reinforcement…etc.


  • Weight reduction compared to steel by 30%-40%. 重量較金屬減少30%-40%.
  • Functional Integration. 機能整合.
  • High design freedom. 高設計自由度.
  • Corrosion resistance. 抗腐蝕.
  • Excellent Crash resistance and stifeness. 傑出的抗衝擊特性極高剛性.
  • Recyclability. 可回收.
  • Investment and system cost reduction. 模具及設備投資成本降低.

Product Exhibition 產品介紹

*Car Parts / 汽車類產品

★ 前天窗排水架

Toyota / Wish / Sun / Roof / Outer / Panel / 豐田 / Wish




★ 別克 J200 保險桿內襯

Buick J200 Bumper Impact Absorber




★ 納智捷 CEO 中央扶手 右側

Luxgen7 CEO Cover Armrest RH



★ 納智捷 CEO 中央扶手 左側

Luxgen7 CEO Cover Armrest LH



★納智捷 CEO 地圖袋 右側

Luxgen7 CEO Business Bag RH



★納智捷 CEO 地圖 左側

Luxgen7 CEO Business Bag LH



★納智捷 CEO 中央隔屏 前下

Luxgen7 CEO Elevation Shield Lower Front



★納智捷 CEO 中央隔屏 前上

Luxgen7 CEO Elevation Shield Upper Front



★納智捷 CEO 中央隔屏 後下

Luxgen7 CEO Elevation Shield Lower Rear



★納智捷 CEO 中央隔屏 後上

Luxgen7 CEO Elevation Shield Upper Rear




*Truck Parts / 卡車類產品

卡車保險桿護版 / Truck Bumper Protect