Composite materials satisfy the requirements that traditional material cannot reach. For example, light weight, excellent durability, great corrosion resistance, low cost…etc. Giantec is probably the most experienced manufacturer of vehicle components in different composite materia in Taiwanl, such as GMTs (Glassfiber Mat Reinforced Thermoplastic), SMC, Carbon-SMC (Forged Carbon), PU-Rim product.  We have experience working with famous car companies on auto exterior and interior parts in Taiwan for more than 10 years.

複合材料達到了傳統材料無法達到的物性要求。 例如:輕量化,優越的耐久性,強大的抗腐蝕性,低製造成本...等。  技隆科技在各種複合材料的汽車應用上均屬先驅,例如:GMT、SMC、Carbon-SMC (Forged Carbon)、PU-Rim 等工法。  在汽車外裝及內裝零配件上,我們擁有超過10年以上與一線車廠合作的豐富經驗。



From bumper to bumper and everything in between, Giantec can supply it. Whether it is a spare well, door module or battery tray for an EV, we have a composite solution for you. Our thermoplastic and thermoset materials provide impact strength, toughness, lightness and economical molding from a cost point of view. Also due to our materials recyclability, we are able to leave a lighter foot print on the environment than other alternatives.

車子從頭到尾,包括在其中的零件,技隆科技均能替您製造。  不論是備胎蓋,車門內模組或是電動車使用的電池拖盤,我們都有適合的複合材料解決方案。  技隆科計希望能透過複合材料為您達成提昇產品的耐衝擊,高強度,輕量化及生產成本降低的目標。  尤其透過可回收性複合材料的應用,能讓您的產品有更輕的碳足跡。

  • Design and fabrication ability for GMTs composite auto parts.
  • Design and fabrication ability for SMC composite auto parts.
  • Design and fabrication ability for Carbon-SMC composite auto parts.
  • Design and fabrication ability for PU-Rim composite auto parts.
  • OEM experiences with Nissan, Hyundai, Toyota and Ford in Taiwan.
  • On-line supplier for top AM collision parts selling channel in North America.