Through different manufacturing process with our composite technologies, cost effective high performance goal can be achieved.

SMC (sheet moulding compound)

CMC (Carbon-Sheet Moulding Compound)

GMT (glass mat thermoplastics)

LFT (long fibre thermoplastics)

VARI (vacuum assisted resin injection)

RTM (resin transfer moulding)

Prime Work

Paint Work

If you would like to start a project with us...

We require the following items to begin your program:

  • Component drawings, or
  • Existing Component, that can be “back-cast” to create a “proto-mold”, or
  • Design aids (i.e. fixtures, mold surfaces, CAD files, SLA Models, etc.)
  • Mechanical or performance requirements
  • Aesthetic and cost targets/requirements
  • Conceptual schematics (How will the component be used?)
  • Sample volume and production volume

We Accept the Following File Format

All geometric files should be scaled 1″ to 1″ or (1:1)

3d Files:

Preferred Solidworks ver. 2009 or earlier

Please include all part files if it is an assembly

Parasolid .x_t or .x_b ver. 19.1 or earlier

IGES or .Igs 5.3 or earlier

2D files:

Autocad .dwg file Ver. 2005 or earlier

With a dimensioned 1″ square included on the drawing

.dxf may also be used 2005 or earlier scaled

With a dimensioned 1″ square included on the drawing

If compression is required please use zip