Carbon SMC (Forged Carbon)

Carbon SMC (Forged Carbon) is a new composite material and molding process. In order to offer a more practical solution for vehicle body/chassis structural component to extend the range of hybrid-electric and battery-electric vehicles, Giantec use randomly spread chopped carbon-fiber and vinyl resin to meet the goal. Different from autoclave, vacuum bagging or even RTM(VARTM), Carbon SMC hot-compression has rapid processing cycles, excellent surface quality, and the ability, through use of a two-part closed mold, to precisely control part thickness and increase strength or stiffness. 

Carbon SMC(也稱Forged Carbon)是一個新的複合材料製程。  對汽車,油電車及電動車的結構件及外裝件提供更實際的解決方案,技隆科技運用隨機散佈的切段碳纖維含浸乙烯機樹脂來達成此目標。  不同於傳統的真空釜,真空袋或是樹脂轉注成型,熱壓CMC成型提供快速的成型時間,優良的表面及運用兩面模具來控制成型產品的厚度以提高強度的可能性。

Typical cycle times run 60 minutes up per part via RTM. However, the cycle time of Carbon SMC is only 3-7 minutes depending on the thickness of the sheet.  

傳統樹脂轉注成型的成型時間約為60分鐘一個循環。  但是,Carbon SMC的成型時間依不同厚度要求只需3-7分鐘。 

It would be difficult with complex shape to use prepreg mat or RTM process without having resin-starved  or resin-rich area, compromising performance.  The carbon/vinyl Carbon SMC compression process enable engineers to achieve the desired level of dimensional accuracy in complex design and do so cost-effectively.

以傳統的預浸布或樹脂轉注成型來說,要避免樹脂過多,或是樹脂缺乏區域,甚至在成品性能上妥協,是一件困難的事。  Carbon SMC熱壓製程讓工程師可以在設計複雜的部件上達到預期的準確尺寸並同時降低成本。


  • Extremely High Stiffness, Impact resistance, Light Weight  極高的強度,耐衝擊性,輕量化。
  • Excellent choice for structural component.  結構件非常好的選擇。
  • Short Cycle Time. Carbon SMC is with mass production possibility. Compared to traditional Carbon Fiber Composite molding process, molding cycle is shorter by 60~80%.  製程需時短,大量生產可能性。  與傳統碳纖維製程比較,成型時間可減少60-80%。
  • Carbon SMC is with 20% ~ 50% chopped carbon fiber randomly spread.  CMC製程為20-50%的切段碳纖維。 
  • Compression process enable to reach dimensional accuracy in complex shape product.  熱壓的製程使設計複雜部件的尺寸準確無誤。
  • Fiber and fiber density is changeable for different needs and cost consideration.  eg, mixed carbon fiber with glass fiber.  纖維本身及密度可以依成本考量做調整或替換。 例如,將碳纖維混入玻璃纖維。